Vermont Medicinal Mad Hatter Cannabis Infused Beverages

Mad Hatter products are now available in Vermont! A licensing agreement with Champlain Valley Dispensary enables production and distribution of the entire line of Mad Hatter products to licensed dispensaries within Vermont. You can now expand your patient offering with Mad Hatter coffees, teas, chais, mochas, and mushroom elixirs, each formulated with CVD’s supercritical CO2 cannabis extracts.

What is Co2 extracted Hash Oil? Why is it so beneficial?

Co2 extraction is the cleanest and purest form of pharmaceutical grade Hash Oil. The oil allows the consumer to ingest and absorb the cannabinoids of the Marijuana Plant at a sublingual level, delivering them to the bloodstream directly. Along with all of the health benefits of the plant, there is very little aftertaste and very low aroma, allowing for an uninhibited Edible Experience!

About Champlain Valley Dispensary

We’ve combined science and Vermont craftsmanship to master the art of cannabis cultivation and product development. Our cannabis is nurtured every step of the way using sustainable, organic practices and we support renewable energy sources throughout the process. This all takes place in our vertically-integrated grow facility which allows us to monitor every step of production including CO2 extraction and lab testing to ensure consistent cannabinoid content that’s free of residual substances. This provides you with a premium product that’s consistent and pure for immediate sale within your Vermont dispensary.

Our Caffeinated and Sativan Coffee Blends

Rothko Pomegranate


This sativan blend is the Sultan of Satisfaction, smoky & deep. A haloed shadowy reflection, a complex Chiaroscuro canvas of flavor and prospect. This sacred fruit is sexy, strong and simply succulent. Sip & Circumnavigate. Coffee & Spices, Sativan & Caffeinated, Active Blend.

Social Security


Patience is a virtue tis’ true, but we are talking about our daily brew”. Enjoy tomorrow’s benefits today! Made from 100% Arabica beans, our organic instant coffee is shade grown at higher elevations which produces a naturally flavorful, yet mild taste. Coffee & Spices, Sativan & Caffeinated, Active Blend..

Armt Intelligence


A fully caffeinated dark roast with low acidity, hand blended with spices. A Rubenesque body dressed in Mayan camouflage. A Sativan Siren, a loyal Patriot to the palate, this soldier is a steadfast defendee. Exiling Pain and discomfort in the most tastefully aromatic way. Coffee & Spices Sativan & Caffeinated, Active Blend.

Mushroom Elixirs



Gentle and Soothing, this chamomile Mushroom Blend is the perfect night time or gentle day guide. Chamomile, ginger, fennel, Reishi – Turkey Tail – Shitake – Phillenus – Poria Mushrooms, Osha, Ginko Biloba, Pau de Arco. Herbal/ Indican, Organic. Relaxing Blend.

Chocolate Drinks

Corona De Cocoa

Our Mochas

Mayan Chocolate Mocha Blends, Minty or Classic are blended with herbs and spices that may aid; depression, blood circulation among others. Available in Caff/ Sativan Active Blends.

Double Crown

Minty Mocha

Mayan Chocolate Mocha Blends, Minty or Classic are blended with herbs and spices that may aid; depression, blood circulation among others. Available in Caff/ Sativan Active Blends.

Triple Crown

Our Cocoa Blends

Our Cocoa Blends are a luscious array of Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa to Mayan Cocoa with Mushrooms , not just for the winter. Available in Herbal/Indica Relaxing Blends.

Green Tea Blends

Intensi Tea

Intesnsi Tea

Our Caffeinated / Sativa Active Blends have additional herbs and spices that may help alleviate certain conditions.

Herbal Tea Blends


Our Tea Blends

Our Tea Blends have additional spices and herbs that may alleviate: immune boosting anti oxidants, cancer, colds, heart disease hormonal issues, migraines, blood sugar instability, allergies, acne, depression,… among others. Available in Decaf/Indica Relaxing Blends & Caff/ Sativa Active Blends.



Drink with the Gods, for one becomes the company they keep. Cabernet Grapeskins, cacao nibs, acai, macai berries, dark fruits. Herbal/ Indican Relaxing Blend.



Good taste is always understated. It is rumored that green tea; strengthens enamel, contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants, has been used to stabilize blood sugar levels in diabetics, clears skin affected by acne and aids in the treatment & prevention of cancer. Ginger, Tangerine, citrus. Herbal/Indican, Relaxing Blend.

A variety of our Herbal & Indican Relaxing Tea Blend offerings.

Chai Tea Blends

God's Eye Chai

God's Eye Chai

This Rooibos tea, Herbal /Indican Chai is speckled with star anise, Licorice, ginger, ramon nut seed and cardamom to round off this celestial-bodied beverage. Rumored to aid digestion and increase circulation. Herbal/ Indican, Relaxing Blend.

Third Eye Chai

Third Eye Chai

An International blend of organic tea & spices. Traditionally yummy, yet medicinally modern. This pleasing pain relief is lovingly hand crafted for the sweet Chai devotee. Sip & Savor. Our high quality hand crafted teas are just what the doctor ordered. A robust and full-flavored black tea blended with our traditional Indian Masala spices with full notes of cardamom, ginger, and clove that are zesty and stimulating. Masala Chai should be brewed strong and served sweet with steamed milk and sugar. Caffeinated / Sativan, Active Blend.

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Since 2007 in the Cannabis industry Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea is now available in multiple States where Marijuana is legal for Medical or Recreational Use. You must be 21 or older for recreational usage. If you are looking for products near you please enter your zip code in our search box. Mad Hatter is available in many states, please click the link to your state under the Beverages link for more information or call us directly. Please click the link to your state under the Beverages link for more information. You may find How to prepare our products and recipes and video tutorials on our visuals page. We love hearing from you, please let us know what you think of our products, or if there is something you would like us to add to our line.