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A Walk In The Park – 6×9 paperback


“This brilliant romp through the cannabis trade more than recounts the author’s own trials and errors in the business. It is the work of a prodigious imagination which has devised a dense thicket of human behavior to illustrate the dynamics of the cannabis culture now. Intentionally OF ITS TIME, the book choreographs many actors’ schemes, dreams, crimes, and general shenanigans to illustrate not only the medical benefits of the increasingly licit substance. The author also moves among the political and legal forces that affect the glamour of cannabis and all those dreamers who surrender to spell it.”

– Eugenia Parry, author, Adjunct Professor Department of Art and Art History, University of New Mexico


“Buy this book. This is the good read you are looking for.  A Walk in the Park is a brilliantly crafted novel that shares what life was like at ground zero of the burgeoning cannabis industry and exposes the darkest elements of human nature. All of this, woven around a nuanced, sexy, front-seat perspective to one of the world’s most impressive love affairs. Once you have it in your hands, you won’t want to put it down.”

– Jean Weiss, author and editor, Yoga Journal, Outside, Delicious Living. Women’s Sports & Fitness.



Corpocracy is running rampant. The potentate is out of control, emboldening the worst characteristics of mankind. Voices and actions of citizens are harshly divided, spurring a new wave of heros. 
They don’t have capes, or super human strength. They have ideals and a passionate hope that this brave new world can be a better place…if Stephanie Beroe was a super hero, her name would be Green Queen. She knows cannabis. 

Pursued by several fortune 500 companies, Stephanie Beroe and her husband Remy, founders of a Cannabis infusion company, and media darlings in the industry, fall victim to corporate sabotage. Then Remy disappears.

Caught between a terrible secret and corporate malfeasance, Stephanie must decide who to trust and what to risk, while throwing herself into the arms of seemingly benevolent billionaires. In the belly of the world’s most exclusive social clubs, decisions are made and lives are altered.

Driven by a fierce bond of love, the Beroes deploy out of the box skills to combat the dark side of the once percent.

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