Washington State Medicinal Mad Hatter Cannabis Infused Beverages

Since 2007 Our Cannabis infused Medical Beverages have been blended with the finest Organic ingredients , we infuse our beverages in Colorado with the highest quality Co2 extracted Medical Marijuana that is “Variety” specific. A wonderful healthy alternative to smoking and most edibles. Fully activated Sodium Free– Gluten Free – Sugar Free , Soy Free (* except Chocolate products). All of our products are always Lab Tested to ensure consistency in dosing and transparency for grow materials.

What is Co2 extracted Hash Oil? Why is it so beneficial?

Co2 extraction is the cleanest and purest form of pharmaceutical grade Hash Oil. The oil allows the consumer to ingest and absorb the cannabinoids of the Marijuana Plant at a sublingual level, delivering them to the blood stream directly. Along with all of the health benefits of the plant, there is very little aftertaste and very low aroma, allowing for a uninhibited Edible Experience!



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Our Coffee Blends

Our Coffee’s, have additional spices and herbs that may alleviate discomfort from; Hormonal issues, body pain, digestion, depression, stress, shingles, inflammation. They may also enhance blood circulation, absorption of THC.

Available in Decaf/Indica Relaxing Blends & Caff/ Sativa Active Blends.

Corona de Cocoa

Our Mochas

Mayan Chocolate Mocha Blends, Minty or Classic are blended with herbs and spices that may aid; depression, blood circulation among others. Available in Caff/ Sativan Active Blends.


Our Tea Blends

Our Tea Blends have additional spices and herbs that may alleviate: immune boosting anti oxidants, cancer, colds, heart disease hormonal issues, migraines, blood sugar instability, allergies, acne, depression,… among others. Available in Decaf/Indica Relaxing Blends & Caff/ Sativa Active Blends.

God’s Eye Chai

Our Chai Blends

Our Chai Blends both our Masala Chai & our Rooibos Chai have a milieu of spices and herbs that may treat nagging headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies, blood circulation issues. Available in Decaf/ Indica Relaxing & Caff/ Sativa Active Blends.


Our Mushroom Elixirs

Our Mushroom Elixirs have additional herbs, spices & Wild Harvested Mushroom Proteins that may benefit Cancer Prevention, Tumor Reduction, Alzheimers, Hepatitis B and C, anti malarial, HIV inhibitor, blood pressure and Cholesterol reduction, thrombosis, candida, chemotherapy symptom alleviation, pneumonia, tuberculosis, nausea, sinusitis. Available in Decaf/Indica Relaxing Blends & Caff/ Sativa Active Blends.


Our Cocoa Blends

Our Cocoa Blends are a luscious array of Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa to Mayan Cocoa with Mushrooms , not just for the winter. Available in Herbal/Indica Relaxing Blends.

Our “V” Cannabis Infused Mocktails

Our “V” Cannabis Infused Mocktails

These innovative drinks allow the consumer to imbibe in a Cocktail without alcohol. A chic healthy alternative to drinking alcohol and smoking. Available in single serving Indica Cosmopolitan AppleTini Margarita Daquiri Lemon Drop or Party Packs.
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“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” – Mark Twain
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“Wine is a constant proof that God Loves us and Loves to see us happy.” – Benjamin Franklin
“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.” – Mark Twain
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“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.” – Mae West
“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.” – Helen Keller
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“To find fullfillment…don’t exist with life – embrace it.” – Jim Beggs
” A merely fallen enemy may rise again, but the reconciled one is truly vanquished.” – Johann Christian Friedrich Von Schiller
“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.” – John Quincy Adams
“Barring the natural expression of villainy which we all have, the man looked honest enough.” – Mark Twain

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What does “variety specific” mean to me?


Marijuana has basically two genus strains:

Sativa: which gives the consumer an active , head high – good for busy days or extra energy.

Indica: which gives the consumer a relaxing , body rehabilitating high – good for easing stress, insomnia or anxiety.

Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea is Variety Specific, we blend our active Sativa with our Caffeinated drinks & we blend our relaxing Indica with our Decaf/Herbal drinks. More ways to Medicate.

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Since 2007 in the Cannabis industry Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea is now available in multiple States where Marijuana is legal for Medical or Recreational Use. You must be 21 or older for recreational usage. If you are looking for products near you please enter your zip code in our search box. Mad Hatter is available in Colorado, Washington, New Mexico and is coming soon to Nevada, Illinois and Montana. Please click the link to your state under the Beverages link for more information. You may find How to prepare our products and recipes and video tutorials on our visuals page. We love hearing from you, please let us know what you think of our products, or if there is something you would like us to add to our line.