You're Still Smoking?
The Mad Hatter understands the diversity of patients needs based on conditions, with that in mind we strive to bring you the cleanest, healthiest products available.

Organic because we believe every medication should be.

CO2 extracted also known as Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) because it is considered to be the purest method of plant extraction available today .

Injesting verses smoking because anyone with a suppressed immune system or concerned about their physical wellbeing should not smoke anything.

At Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co., we have a variety of Hand Blended small batch Organic CO2 Extracted Coffees, Teas and Chais to choose from. Doses range from 20 mg - 120mg!

All of our Blends are available in single serving tea bags or bulk bags ranging from 4oz bags to 5 pounds. Our Decaffeinated Beans are Decaffeinated thru the water process. We use Organic, Fair Trade Coffee and Tea’s and Spices that are Kosher, Gluten Free, and Sugar Free. All of our products are lab tested, with a breakdown of cannabinoid information on the label.

A delightful alternative to Smoking!

Insomnia - Migraines - Body Aches - Hormonal Issues - Prescription Pain Killer Addiction Alternatives - Cancer - Chronic Pain - MS

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