Our Mission The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co. has been alleviating pain since the late 80's, it has since evolved and been refined.....we began with the idea to facilitate self medication without smoking Medical Marijuana. It is known that both Coffee and Tea have beneficial side effects, we add a recipe of Organic spices that reflect our passion for alchemy, that are also known for their medicinal value, increasing blood circulation, endorphin reaction , countering the depressant characteristics of Medical Marijuana as well as enhancing Flavor and Aroma.

Our products allow the patient to self medicate at their own level, we offer six blends with three potencies, Single Potency, Double Potency and Triple Potency. Each blend has its own recipe for conditions, for example the Single Dose,Indican/ Decaf Twyla Lite Blend has had success with cancer patients, that need to medicate for pain and digestive issues, it is also known for its alleviation of insomnia and migraines, becoming popular with women. Each Blend can be sipped all day long or brewed for strong dosage release. Our Sativan Blend is a cerebral , for "on the go" day use, our Decaf Indica blends are good for patients who are bed ridden or with disabilities, or as a pleasant night cap for a solid night sleep without a hangover.


Our Organic Tea line has been created with CO2 extraction; a process that utilizes the entire plant to make honey oil, this process leaves the DNA of the plant and its medicinal properties intact. Virtually tasteless and odorless, this allows us to design Tea’s with delicate flavors and pristine aromas. Our long term goal is to design a Green Tea for cancer patients with CDB Cannabinoid levels for pain and low THC levels, natural pain relief without the psychotropic affects.

Mad Hatter can custom blend for a variety of patients needs, with Coffee, Tea and Chai. The transmission through our brewed elixirs is easy, convenient and efficient.

Our single serving coffee bags are discreet and perfect for on the go lifestyles, you need only a cup and hot water.

Sustainability and Global thoughtfulness are the core of our business principals, we use soy based inks, recycled paper, resealable/reusable bags. We use only Organic Products, all of our Shade Grown, Fair Trade, Kosher, Coffee is locally roasted, which means it is in the dispensary 1 or 2 days after roasting for the freshest Coffee Flavor possible. We are a small family run company, we Hand Blend in Denver at a Colorado certified Facility. Our mission is to thoughtfully package and deliver our Medicinal Coffee to as many patients that find smoking uncomfortable, most importantly anyone with pain, or someone looking for a healthy alternative to edibles.

Let us introduce you to our Products, so you can introduce your clients to a Wonderful Alternative to smoking that is designed for Pain Relief with Taste! Good Karma Always Tastes Good!